coinUtop (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is registered and established company in the British Virgin Islands (“BVI”) pursuant to the applicable laws and operates (here in after referred to as the “Site”), a site that provides users with services for cryptocurrency transactions (here in after referred to as the “Site”). For the convenience of the expressive terms of this Agreement, we and the site will be expressed in our or other first person, combined with these terms and conditions. All users or other entities who have accessed the site are users of this site and are expressed in the following content in the user or user and other names for convenience in the wording of this Agreement. For convenience in the wording of these terms and conditions, the company and the user are referred to as "two-way" and the company or the user are unilaterally referred to as "one-way."

All contents of this Site may be provided in various languages for your convenience and are based on English in the event of a conflict or omission. It also provides guidance on possible risks associated with crypto-pee transactions. Please be fully aware of the following items for cryptocurrency transactions.

1. Since cryptocurrency is not a legal currency which may be regulated by government regulations or change due to the market environment, reckless investment may likely cause huge losses.

2. The investors are responsible for determining the investment and the transaction of all cryptocurrency transactions, and any possible losses are attributable to the investor.

3. Cryptographic money does not guarantee the value of certain trusted players, such as the government, or compensate for the losses caused by cryptocurrency transactions.

4. Since laws and institutions related to the protection of investors of cryptocurrency are still insufficient, it may be difficult to protect them from laws and institutions even if damages occur in relation to cryptocurrency.

5. The company may restrict the use of the service if the user unilaterally violates these terms and conditions or determines that the service provided on this site or the service provided in this site is illegal in accordance with the laws of the user’s jurisdiction. The users or their representatives who have received the service suspension can file an objection if they have any objection to the service suspension.

6. All comments, information, reviews, analysis, pricing, suggestions, and other content on the site are not subject to direct or indirect losses due to reliance on such content, such as general market comments. The loss includes all profit losses but is not limited to this.

7. The content of this site can be changed from time to time without notice. It shall not be liable for any delay or failure in transmitting or receiving content, or for any direct or indirect damage to the Internet access to this site.

8. Transaction systems using the Internet have risks, including software, hardware, and the failure of Internet connectivity, but not necessarily limited to them. Because the company cannot control the reliability and availability of the Internet, the company assumes no responsibility for modulation, delay, and connection failures.

9. is the site's only external information platform.

10. Any illegal transactions or illegal activities such as money laundering or smuggling using this site are prohibited. If any illegal transactions or illegal activities are found, the service use restrictions, such as freezing the account or notification to the relevant rights agency, are included, but are not necessarily limited to them. In addition, the company shall not be liable for any resulting liability and has the right to hold the person concerned accountable.

11. All illegal trading activities, such as manipulating the market or illegal trading, shall not be carried out using this site. In the event of discovery of such activities, the site may take protective measures such as warning, prohibition of transactions, and suspension of accounts for unfair harm such as manipulating all prices and affecting the trading system. The company shall not be held responsible for such actions and shall have the right to reprimand those involved.
Chapter 1 General Rules
1.1 The purpose of this Agreement(here in after referred to as this Agreement) is to prescribe the text, privacy provisions, user's understanding of accounts and money laundering prevention policies, the conditions and procedures for use of coinUtop -related services, and other necessary matters.

1.2 Users must check these Terms and Conditions before using the various services provided on this Site. If you do not agree to this Agreement or any amendments, you must discontinue the use of the services provided on this Site. If you access this Site and do not express your intention to use or deny the service of this Site, it means that you have already understood and agreed to the terms of each of these Terms. The content includes any amendments made to this Agreement from time to time.

1.3 If the user enters the relevant information according to the request of this site and signs up as a member through other relevant procedures, he or she becomes a member of this site (here in after referred to as a member). Click on the consent button in the membership procedure means that the agreement is made with us in the form of an electronic signature. In addition, agreeing to the use of this Site or actually using the Services provided by this Site in any way permitted by this Site means that the user understands, agrees, and is bound by all the provisions of this Agreement.

1.4 For the purpose of membership of this site, the user shall provide personal information and shall be legally responsible for all activities and events using his or her account, such as ID and PW, and any consequences arising out of the user's personal information management or fraudulent use.

1.5 Only members of this Site may conduct transactions on this Site’s cryptocurrency trading platform, or use services provided by only the members specified on this Site. If you do not subscribe to a member, you may only receive access to the site, and other services prescribed by this Site.

1.6 The use of the services and functions provided by this Site upon completion of the membership shall be deemed to have been viewed and understood by the user.
1.6.1 You are bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
1.6.2 The users guarantee that they are of legal age to enter into a contract in accordance with various laws. Agreements to this Site's services, such as transactions or deposits and withdrawals from this Site, shall be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country or region in your jurisdiction. We also accept these terms and ensure that you have the ability to conduct transactions and to use this site to trade cryptocurrency.
1.6.3 The user guarantees that all cryptocurrency assets attributable to the user in accordance with the transaction are legally acquired and owned by the user.
1.6.4 The user agrees that all liability, income or loss shall be borne by the user for the transaction or non-transaction.
1.6.5 The users guarantee that the information provided at the time of membership is sincere and accurate.
1.6.6 The user agrees to comply with the provisions of their levant laws. This includes reporting on all transaction profits for taxation.
1.6.7 Users are prohibited from engaging in any acts or activities that harm the interests of this Site or the Company, regardless of the services provided on this Site.
1.6.8 These terms and conditions are binding on the agreed rights and obligations between the user and the company and are not related to any legal and legal disputes arising from cryptocurrency transactions between users of this site and other sites and users.
Chapter 2 Revisions to Terms and Conditions

The company reserves the right not to notify the users of this Agreement by modifying this Agreement from time to time and by making it public on the website. The changed terms and conditions shall be marked on the first page of this Agreement. It will take effect automatically from the time it is published on this Site and the users will be required to view and verify the update changes and updates to this Agreement from time to time. If you do not agree with the appropriate changes immediately must stop using the services of this Site. This means that if you continue to use the services on this Site, you agree to be bound by the amended terms and conditions.
Chapter 3 Sign-up
3.1 Qualification of membership
When you complete the membership procedure or use the services provided by this Site in any other way permitted by this Site, you must be able to agree to this Agreement and have the ability to use this Site's service. If a user clicks the Acceptance button for membership, it means that the user or his agent agrees to the terms of this Agreement and agrees to use the membership and services for this site. If the users do not have the above qualifications, the users or their representatives shall bear all consequences. In addition, the company retains the right to cancel or permanently freeze the user's account and hold the user or his representative accountable.
3.2 Purpose of membership
The user does not intend to sign up for this site in violation of the law or to destroy the order of the site's cryptocurrency transactions.

3.3 Sign-up Procedure
3.3.1 The user agrees to provide information, such as a valid e-mail address and mobile phone number, as required by the membership page of this Site. Users may use e-mail addresses provided or identified by the user, mobile phone numbers or other methods of accessing this site. If necessary, the users shall provide relevant information in accordance with the law code according to the law code according to the users' truthful statements, ID certificates, and anti-money laundering regulations, and continuously update the membership data to meet the demands of immediacy, detail, and accuracy. All raw data entered will be used as membership data. The users shall be responsible for the integrity, completeness and accuracy of the information and bear all direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences.
3.3.2 If there is a demand for a real-name system for mobile phone numbers, the user must agree that the mobile phone number provided by the user at the time of membership is the real-name registered number. If not provided in accordance with the policy, all direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences resulting from this will be borne by the user.
3.3.3 The users are legally provided with the necessary information for membership and are issued an account and password provided by the site upon certification. When the user obtains the account and password of this site, he or she is considered a successful member and can access this site as a member.
3.3.4 You agree to receive e-mail and/or messages relating to the administration, operation of this Site from this Site.
Chapter 4 Service
This site provides Internet transaction platform services for digital asset trading activities (including but not necessarily limited to digital asset transactions) through this site. This Site does not constitute trade-off of digital assets by Buyer or Buyer. This Site does not provide services related to the charging and withdrawal of any National Legal Money.
4.1 Service content
4.1.1 You have the right to access the market value and transaction information of various digital asset products on this Site and to issue orders for digital asset transactions and complete digital asset transactions through this Site.
4.1.2 The user has the right to check the information according to the account registered as a member of this site and to operate it using the functions provided by this site.
4.1.3 You have the right to participate in any online activities organized on this Site in accordance with the rules of the activities announced on this Site.
4.1.4 Various services promised by this site.
4.2 Service Rules Users are committed to complying with the following rules on this Site.
4.2.1 The user shall comply with legal codes, regulations and policy requirements and ensure the legitimacy of all sources of digital assets in the account. The users shall not commit any illegal acts on this Site or any other site using this Site or any other acts that infringe upon the rights and interests of this Site or any third party. ex) In the event of sending or receiving information that violates any illegal acts or regulations or infringes on other persons' rights, the sending or receiving multistage sales materials or other risk information or media, the use or forgery of thee-mail title of this site without obtaining a license from this site may occur.
4.2.2 The users shall comply with legal regulations and use, store, and secure the account and login password of this site, the money password and the mobile phone authentication code received by the mobile phone when they sign up for membership. The user shall be responsible for all operations and consequences carried out using the account, login password, funding number and authentication code received on the mobile phone. If an account and login password, fund number, and authentication code for this site are found to have been used by a third party that has not been received, or if there are other problems with the account, the site must notify this site in an effective manner and suspend its services. Although this Site has the right to act against the applicable requests submitted by the User in a reasonable period, it shall not be held liable for any consequences (including but not necessarily limited to any loss to the user) that have already occurred before the Site takes an action. Unless approved by this Site, the account of this Site may not be given, leased, transferred or otherwise issued to others.
4.2.3 The users agree that all acts carried out through the user's account and password on this site (including but not necessarily limited to information notices, information announcements, clicks on the consent button on the Internet or consultation with various rules, approval for extension of online terms and conditions, and purchase of services).
4.2.4 Users cannot interfere with the normal progress of digital asset transactions or destroy the order of transactions if they proceed with digital asset transactions on this site. It shall not interfere with the normal operation of this Site in any technical or other way, nor shall it interfere with other users’ use of the Site’s services. In fact, the commercial credit and reputation of this site cannot be compromised by counterfeiting.
4.2.5 In the event of a dispute with another user due to an Internet transaction, the user may not claim related data on this site except for judicial or administrative methods.
4.2.6 Taxation or hardware, software, services and other expenses arising from the use of the services provided by the users on this Site shall be borne by the
4.2.7 The users shall comply with these Terms and Conditions and other Service Provisions and Change Rules which are notified or updated by this Site from time to time. The users have the right to discontinue the use of the services provided on this Site from time to time.
4.3 Product Rules
4.3.1 Product Transaction Rules Users must follow the following trade rules in the process of accessing this Site and conducting transactions with other users through this Site. verification of trading products
When checking transaction information on this site, the user must check all of the details contained in the transaction information. The content includes price, volume, commission, purchase or sales direction, but is not necessarily limited to that. You must accept everything contained in the transaction information before you can trade by clicking the button. submission of a request
The user can submit transaction request after checking the transaction information and verifying that there are no errors. Submitting a transaction request means accepting arbitration for the transaction on this site. If there is a transaction that is satisfied with the request price set by the user, this site automatically completes the transaction without prior notice. Check transaction details
The user can check the transaction's success history in the management center and check his or her specific transaction history. Cancel / Modify Transaction
Before the transaction is completed, the user can cancel or modify the request from time to time.

4.4 Disputes
User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless coinUtop against any third-party claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of any acts or omissions of Client in breach of its obligations under this Agreement. In case the company's user intends to put a legal dispute on any of the company's services, the applied user is liable for indemnifying the Airdrop amount the user has collected while using the services by 10 times before submitting the case.

Chapter 5. The rights and obligations of this Site

5.1 If the user does not have the registration qualification stipulated in this Agreement, this Site shall have the right to refuse the user's registration. If already registered, this site has the right to cancel the user's membership account and to question the responsibility of the user or his agent.

5.2 This Site may discontinue the use of the user's account and any related account if the user or the user's relationship account determines that it is not suitable for high-risk investments.

5.3 This Site reserves the right to suspend the use of this Account if the Defined User declares that it is not an initial Registrar of the Account.

5.4 This site has the right to change, update, or stop services if you have any doubts about the wrong information, actual information, and incomplete information provided by the users, such as hacking or fraud.

5.5 You have the right to modify any information that appears on this Site if you indicate that there is a clear error.

5.6 This Website has the right to modify, stop and stop services from time to time, and does not require you to notify the users of any modifications and stop services. If you stop one or several services, this site will become effective from the day the suspension notice is issued.

5.7 This site secures normal operation with necessary technology and management measures, provides necessary and reliable transaction environments and transaction services, and maintains the transaction order of digital assets.

5.8 This site has the right to cancel your account if you do not register with this site's member account and password for one year. After the account has been canceled, this site may allow other persons to use there levant member name.

5.9 This site is responsible for ensuring the safety of the users' digital assets by strengthening their technical skills and improving safety, and for informing them in advance when there is a foreseeable risk to their account.

5.10 This Site reserves the right to delete all types of laws, regulations and details that do not comply with the regulations of this Site from time to time and does not require the user to be informed when exercising this right.

5.11 This site has the right to provide more information or data to the users in accordance with the requirements of the norms, such as laws, regulations, rules and orders of the sovereign country or region to which the users belong. We will take reasonable measures to meet the local normative requirements, and the users should actively support it. This site has the right to temporarily suspend or permanently stop any and all site services that are open to the user in accordance with the requirements of the rules, such as laws, regulations, rules, and orders of the sovereign country or region in which it belongs.
Chapter 6. Indemnification

6.1 In some cases, the liability to indemnify users for damages will not exceed the total costs incurred by using the site’s services for three months directly.

6.2 Violators who violate these terms and conditions, such as other laws and regulations, will be responsible for a minimum of $2 million and the total costs incurred (including attorney fees). If you can't make up for the actual loss, you'll have to pay it in full.
Chapter 7. Right to demand a prohibition relief.
We and the users acknowledge that the ordinary law does not provide any remedy for a violation or a possible violation of the law, and that the non-convict may take all other supplementary measures as permitted by the prohibition, common law and the equity law, if any violation or violation is possible.
Chapter 8. Limited Liability and Disclaimer
8.1 The company shall not be held liable for any of the following matters, and the users shall know and agree to this.
8.1.1 loss of income
8.1.2 Loss of transaction profit or contract
8.1.3 interruption of one's.
8.1.4 a predictable loss of money
8.1.5 loss of information
8.1.6 Loss of opportunity, sales person and honor
8.1.7 Data corruption and loss
8.1.8 Cost of purchasing an alternative product or service
8.1.9 Rights violations (including negligence), direct, special, and additional losses or damages caused by violations or any other cause are reasonably foreseeable. It is reported that there is a possibility of such loss or damage.

 * Articles 8.1.1 to 8.1.9 are independent of each other.
8.2 We are not liable for any damages caused by the following circumstances.
8.2.1 ‘Company’ is a reasonable reason to prove that users’ specific transactions are grave violations or breaches
8.2.2 ‘Company’ may, for any reason, prove that its actions on this Site are not appropriate or suspected of being illegal
8.2.3 The purchase, acquisition and transaction of any data, information, and the costs and losses of any acts of substitution are incurred through this Site
8.2.4 Misunderstanding of this Site Service
8.2.5 Other losses relating to the services of this Site arising out of non-cause of company.

8.3 Maintaining information Internet facilities, failure to connect information Internet, failure of computers, communications and other systems, power failures, natural disasters, natural disasters, strikes, riots, explosions, wars, banks and other production causes, fires, floods, wars, banks and other causes. The digital asset market crash, dispute activity 'company' is not responsible for orders from law enforcement or administrative agencies, out of control we cannot control, infeasibility and delay of service by third parties, loss to users, etc.

8.4 We do not have the complete information, processes, text, etc. on this site that is completely safe, and we do not have any viruses, Trojan viruses, or any malicious process that we have. Therefore, registering, using any service on this site, or downloading and using any process, information data, etc. of this app is all the user’s personal decision and is responsible for the risk and damage that can occur on their own.

8.5 We do not warrant any information, products and work from any third-party site linked to this site, or any other form of our subject matter. You decide to use any services, information, and products provided by third-party site, and you are not responsible for anything that happens.

8.6 "Company" makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, without the applicability, error and omission of the services provided by this Site, including, but not limited to, sustainability, accuracy, reliability, or any specific use. In addition, the ‘company’ shall not be held liable for the validity, accuracy, reliability, quality, safety, completeness and timeliness of the technologies and information covered by the services provided on this Site. Registering or using this site is the user's decision and is responsible for the risks and losses on its own. ‘Company’ shall not be held liable for any representations, implied or otherwise, of the digital asset market, value and price. The digital asset market is unstable, prices and values often soar or plummet, and the transaction of digital assets is considered a personal choice of users and is responsible for risks and possible losses on their own.

8.7 The ‘Company’ warranties and promises set out in this Agreement are our sole warranty and statement of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and of the services provided by this Site. It refers to a written or verbal statement or implication, replacing the warranty and promise expressed in any other way and manner. All of these warranties and statements are our own commitments and warranties, and we do not ensure that any third party complies with the warranties and commitments under this Agreement.

8.8 Without reference to these terms and conditions, we will not give up on enjoying any right to limit, exempt, or suspend the company’s liability for damages to the maximum extent of its application.

8.9 After registering, the company accepts any manipulation according to the rules stipulated during this consultation, and the users are responsible for the risks arising.
Chapter 9. Service interruption

9.1 This site is under this agreement this agreement is limited and have the right to suspend all services will stop any services of the site will be published in the day.
9.2 After the suspension of this consultation, this Site has no right to continue to provide any services or to require any other obligations. Requiring this site to
suspend or notify you of any information in an existing account, or to reprint information that has not been read or sent to a third party of the user.
9.3 The suspension of this consultation does not affect that it requires that those who keep the promise be held accountable for not keeping the promise.
Chapter 10. Privacy
10.1 All intellectual performance, including this Site, includes, but is not limited to, website coverings, databases, web designs, text, graphics, software, photos, videos, music, voices, and the above combination. In addition, the intellectual property rights of the software, the relevant source code, and the software (including the application program and the script) are owned by this site. The users shall not copy, tamper with, transmit, transmit or use any of the above materials or contents for commercial purposes.

10.2 All rights (including goodwill, trademarks, logos, etc.) contained in this Site's name shall be attributed to the Company.

10.3 This voluntarily, or accept the agreement at this site any form of information, including copyright, but not limited. The copy, lending, exhibition, and tickets, televising right, information, translation rights, ticketing, adaptations, and the information network and copyright, deserve different. Free the right to let, with only considered to be transferred to this Site. The effect of this Agreement and the protection of any copyright law published on this Site are the details prior to and after this consultation.

10.4 During the course of using the services of this Site, the personal information of this Site and other persons shall not be used or disposed of illegally. You will not be able to publish information published by this site in any format or authorize another site(media).

10.5 Registering this Site or using any service provided with this Site does not constitute a transfer of intellectual property to you.
Chapter 11. Information protection
Based on personal information collection and memory protection and privacy policies of this site disclosure.
Chapter 12. Calculation
All transaction calculations are confirmed by the Company, and all calculation methods are disclosed to the Company.
Chapter 13. Export control
According to the laws of the Republic of the Republic, ‘Company’ shall not export, re-export, import or change the technology of this Site (including software). We here by certify that we do not voluntarily enforce, cooperate or participate in any acts of law or regulation in violation of the export of the aforementioned regulations, in connection with any changes and in any other application.
Chapter 14. Transfer
Limits the assignee, assignee, flexible executor and the right person to the same amount as each room that has benefited from the rights and obligations promised in this Agreement. Unless authorized by the Company, it shall not be transferred to any third party. However, ‘Company’ may, from time to time, transfer the rights and obligations under this Agreement to a third party and will inform you 30 days in advance.
Chapter 15. Agent
Any provision in this Agreement shall not constitute, imply, or otherwise imply, or otherwise perform us as an agent, consignee or other representative of the user, except in the case of any other provision in this Agreement
Chapter 16. Abstention from voting
We or the user shall not accept or interpret any abstention from any other penalty liability or other liability as agreed upon in this Agreement. It should not be construed as giving up these rights and remedies in any way unless they are implemented.
Chapter 17. Title
All titles are used to describe consultation comfortably and should not be used to expand or restrict the content or scope of the provisions of this Agreement.
Chapter 18. Applicable law
The full contents of this Terms of Use are under the laws of the BVI. Any signing, interpretation, content and implementation all apply to the relevant laws of the BVI. Any loss compensation suits arising from the services agreed in this Agreement shall be construed and executed in accordance with the laws of the BVI. To avoid any doubt, this clause applies clearly to rights infringement claims against us. Any compensation, litigation and legal grounds for any of us, or related to us, are based on the laws of the BVI. The service users unconditionally agree that any claim, the place of action, and the court exclusiveness of the court are in the BVI regarding any disputes relating to the provisions of this Agreement, and that if any other work on this Site has special regulations under its jurisdiction, the users shall comply. The principles that make the courts uncomfortable do not apply to the courts of choice under this Service Clause.
Chapter 19. Interpretation
19.1 This consultation shall become effective as a “user" from the date you are given your ID and password by clicking Accept on the registration page of this Site.

19.2 The final rules of this consultation are owned by this site.

Anti-money laundering policy with users

1.The introduction

1.1 It ensures strict adherence to the laws and regulations related to the user's identification of customers and prevention of money laundering and does not intentionally violate this customer awareness and anti-money laundering policy. Safe service is provided to users using necessary measures and technologies within our control. Avoid voice phishing and accidents.
1.2 Our customer identification and anti-money laundering policies are a comprehensive international policy system and include customer identification of other jurisdictions where users are subordinate and anti-money laundering policies. The complete and standardized frame of the ‘company’ ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and supervisory control levels locally and globally, and continuous operation of the site.
2. Customer awareness and anti-money laundering policies are as follows.

2.1 It issues customer awareness and anti-money laundering policies, updates them immediately, and complies with the standards of relevant legal regulations.

2.2 Sub-directories and rules of this Site are distributed, updated, and operated, and our staff provides services in accordance with these principles and regulations.

2.3 To design and complete the process that controlled internal audit and transactions. For example, by strict means, they establish ID verification, professional teams, and specialize in anti-money laundering.

2.4 Investigate and supervise/manage your customers with all your heart as a risk-prevention measure.

2.5 Regularly monitor transactions that have already been achieved.

2.6 Report the suspicious transaction to the relevant authorities.

2.7 Identity documents, address documents, and transaction records will be maintained for at least six years and will not be notified when submitted to the supervisory control department.

2.8 You will be prohibited from using your credit card during the entire transaction process.
3. Identity information

3.1 identification information

3.1.1 Depending on the different rules of the jurisdiction and the different types of entities, there is a possibility that the user information we collect may be inconsistent. As a rule, the following information is collected from the person to register. Personal information: In other circumstances, such as the user's name, address (including the permanent address), date of birth and nationality, the identification card shall be in accordance with the documents issued by the government authorities or other similar authorities, passports, ID cards and other identification documents presented in other government offices. We will verify the address provided in a reasonable manner, for example, a ticket, statement, and a register check. Effective Documents: Before you register, you must provide a photo of your identification card in front of your chest. Cell phone number or email address.
3.1.2 If the company or any other legal entity is a legal entity, it shall collect the following information and confirm the final beneficiary of the user or new account.
Business license: Provide the identity of the Company’s directors, large shareholders and the right person to sign in the account of this Site in accordance with the Company’s long and emergency contacts, detailed data of the Company’s shareholder rights organization and ownership description, and the Board of D rectors’ request for the Board of Directors to verify the opening and execution of this Site Account. This company provides a mailing address which is different from the company's major business address. If the company’s local address does not match his primary business address, it shall be considered a relatively high-risk customer. Additional documents must be submitted separately. Other certifications we requested according to the different rules of the jurisdiction and other types of entities, documents released by the authority department, and documents we need
3.1.3 Only the identity information of the English and Chinese versions of the company is received. Otherwise, you have to translate and notarize your identity in English
3.2 Confirmation of investigation

3.2.1 Requires the full-page content of the identification document.

3.2.2 Requires you to provide a photo of the identification document in front of your chest.
3.2.3 Usually, a copy of the certificate is checked against the original. However, you can accept this copy if a reliable and reasonable certifier can prove that the
original matches the copy. These certifiers include ambassadors, judges, and local examiners.
3.2.4 Identifying the needs of the final beneficiary and the account control rights confirmed that one person owned and controlled the target customer and carried out the transaction on behalf of the other. Companies verify the identity of their major shareholders. Usually, if he has 25% or more of the shares (e.g., those with voting rights of 10% or more), he is considered to be in a serious risk and his shareholder status must be verified. If you own 10% of shares or have more voting rights or shares, you are at high risk and the identity of the shareholders must be verified.

4. Trade monitoring agency

4.1 The maximum limit for daily transactions and withdrawals is set and adjusted from time to time, depending on the safety of the ‘company’ and actual transactions.

4.2 When a transaction is often focused on a registered user or extraordinary situation, our professional team evaluates and determines whether they are awarded.

4.3 If the ‘company’ itself considers the transaction abnormal, the ‘company’ shall suspend the transaction for a while or take restrictions such as a refusal to do so. We'll even stop this deal as soon as possible. At the same time, it may be reported to the responsible department but not to the users.

4.4 Hold (reject) applications for registration of persons from areas not within the jurisdiction of international anti-money laundering standards or those deemed to be political public figures. If, by our own judgment, we consider it a dubious deal, " the company" will frequently suspend (refuse) the transaction and suspend it. However, we do not violate any obligations and responsibilities for the users.