[GUIDES] Erugo (ERC) Token Swap & Temporary Unavailability of Deposit/Withdrawal Services
We are coinUtop, the premium cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Erugo Coin (ERC) token issuer has scheduled for token swap to Erugo World Coin (EWC) for security purposes.
Regarding the change, we recommend you transfer any ERC tokens to its security wallet ( by midnight of 2021/10/01.

Due to the updates, the deposit/withdrawal services on Erugo Coin (ERC) will be temporarily unavailable.
Please refer to the description below for more information.

The above is the announcement from the ERC issuers regarding the token swap.

<Temporary Stop of ERC Deposit/Withdrawal Services>
 - Cryptocurrency: Erugo Coin (ERC)
 - Effective from: 2021.10.01 at 15:00 (UTC)
 - Normal Operation: TBA

<Erugo (ERC) Swap on coinUtop>
 - Cryptocurrency: Erugo World Coin (EWC)
 - Schedule: TBA
 - Details: 1:1 token swap due to the issuer's request
 - Homepage:

※ Precautions ※
- You can trade, buy or sell, ERC on coinUtop regardless of the temporary unavailability of ERC deposit/withdrawal services.
- The transferred ERC to its security wallet will proceed with the token swap automatically.
  The remaining ERC on coinUtop will be swapped to EWC by the issuer afterward (the detailed schedule will be announced by us soon).