[NEW LISTING] Angel Coin (ANGEL) / 2021.09.09 (THU) at 17:00 UTC
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Angel Coin (ANGEL) will be listed on our platform.
[Listing Information]
■ Coin: Angel Coin (ANGEL)

■ Listing Date: 2021.09.09 (THU) at 17:00 UTC / at 02:00 in KST

※ Precautions※

- Although certain coins have the same naming, the coins are issued by different publishers, therefore are different coins. Make sure to confirm the coin name with the publisher when you deposit and withdraw your coin. (When you enter incorrect transfer information, losses may occur and cannot be restored.)
- If the contract address is different, the transaction may not occur regardless of entering the same coin name.
- coinUtop does not provide any assistance on issues resulting from entering the wrong address.

▶ Coin Information
ANGEL isan ABC token that is redeemable as a payment source. More specifically,consumers can pay ANGEL at a cafe, restaurant, or store instead of fiat money,different in amount depending on the value of a product/service. In addition,the service/product coverage is not limited to one specific country but ratherdiverse and global while conserving its value.
Ratherthan charging different prices, merchant stores under Angel Coin's ecosystemguarantee their service/product consumer the full value of the token linked topartnering services/products. By doing so, the consumers are free frominflation of prices in purchasing a product/service; they will get the samehigh-quality service/product as long as submitting a payment with ANGEL.
Facilitatingthe digital wallet can outstandingly reduce the cost of running multipleintermediaries for verifying the transaction, which also enables the merchantsto settle the payments from their customers more quickly. Consumers can submittheir payment directly at a store by scanning a barcode or QR code linked tothe merchant's digital wallet or online through the P2P method.