We are coinUtop, the premium private global cryptocurrency exchange.

We run coinUtop with top priority on wholesome growth of cryptocurrency and protection for our users’ own asset.
To this end, we have our own listing requirements and terms. We also regularly check out the cryptocurrencies listed in coinUtop Exchange.

If a cryptocurrency is considered not accord with our own requirements, the cryptocurrency might be delisted after the termination of supports for transaction service is determined or designated a marked item, which proceeds with proper processes and enough time.

In regard of this, we kindly offer you a guidance for delisting conditions of coinUtop Exchange to help your understanding. Please note that and refer to them using coinUtop EXCHANGE.

[Delisting Guidelines]

coinUtop may inevitably designate a marked item and terminate our trading service on a specific cryptocurrency traded in coinUtop, the cryptocurrency trading service. We regularly check out the cryptocurrencies listed in coinUtop exchange if they are in accordance with listing requirements. When coinUtop designates a marked item or determines to terminate trading sevice on some cryptocurrencies, we consider following factors, but it is not always confined to those.

1. Delisting Conditions of coinUtop Exchange

- In case that trading service can’t be sustained owing to a violation of the law, policies and instructions of government organizations or relevant authorities.
- In case that actual use of specific cryptocurrency is inappropriate or user responses turned out to be unfavorable.
- In case of founding the vulnerability in the based technology or block chain of a specific cryptocurrency.
- In case that the cryptocurrency is not able to get technical support from its development team or any otehrs.
- In case that its development team or relevant authorities violate the service terms or agreement of coinUtop.
- In case that flow shortage of a specific cryptocurrency happens or trading volume is prominently low.
- In case that we consistently receive complaints from our users.
- In case that users’ capital assets are arrogated or the applicable regulations are not complied with.
- In case that has similarities with the above statements or protection for users of coinUtop is need.
- In case that it is hard to continue the service on account of any other reasons.

2. coinUtop EXCHANGE Delisting procedures

If coinUtop designates a marked item and terminates our trading service on a specific cryptocurrency, that will be announced on notice page of coinUtop website. If termination of trading service is decided, termination will be implemented in the next 7~10 days. In case of emergency situation apart form the above satatements, termination of our trading service to the specific cryptocurrency may be implemented immediately.
- Termination Implement : 7 ~ 10 days after our notice.
- Emergency Situation : Immediate termination of our trading service could happen without any prior notice.

3. Cryptocurrency Withdrawal after Delisting in coinUtop EXCHANGE

If our trading service for a specific cryptocurrency has been terminated, coinUtop generally supports your withdrawal for the cryptocurrency within 30 days. However, this due date for your withdrawal could be put forward and users should withdraw the cryptocurrency by the due date. Please note that you may not be able to withdraw on coinUtop afterwards, if you don’t make your withdrawal by the due date.
- Withdrawal after the termination of trading service : Within 30 days (Due date for your withdrawal will be notified.)