[NOTICE] [Coin Delisting] Delist IONE from coinUtop Exchange
We are coinUtop, the private global crypto exchange.
Due to our service policy, IONE (IONE) will be delisted from our exchange.
Please refer to the details below for more information.
[Notice of Coin Delisting/Termination of trading support]
1. Coin for termination of trading support : IONE (IONE)
2. Period: ~ until (only for Sell) 2021. 09. 06(MON) 03:00 UTC
3. Withdrawal service available period: ~ 2021. 10. 06(WED) by 03:00
※ IONE (IONE) can only be withdrawn to its personal digital assets wallet or other crypto exchanges listing the coins.
[Cryptocurrency Issuer Contact Information]
1. IONE (IONE) : (Tel.: +82-10-3138-4410)
※ Warnings
1) Users can sell/buy the coins above only before the closing date mentioned above.
2) After delisting the coins from our exchange, no further deposit services under the coins are available. You can refer to our notice for checking the availability of withdrawal services on the delisted cryptocurrency.
3) All the unfilled orders of the cryptocurrency will be canceled automatically. (The unfilled orders will be canceled automatically within 1~2 hours after delisting.)

※ Policy of coinUtop regarding Coin Delisting/Termination of trading support
Delisting cryptocurrency from coinUtop Exchange doesn't mean the cryptocurrency is no longer valid.
It only means the trading services within our platform will no longer be supported.
We recommend the users transfer the cryptos to their digital assets wallet or if do not want to withdraw, sell the coinsbefore 2021.09.06(MON).
coinUtop puts its top priority on securing the users' assets and promoting the improvement of the related industry.
We will continuously devote ourselves to introducing more competitive coins to users.
Thank You.