[NEW LISTING] Crowdfunding Coin (CFC) / 2021.09.01 (WED) at 17:00 UTC
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■ Coin: Crowdfunding Coin (CFC)

■ Listing Date: 2021.09.01(WED) at 17:00 UTC / at 02:00 in KST


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Coin Information

1. CFC: IntroducingDefi technology and supporting a fast trading platform between the publicnetwork and private network, sidechain.
2. ERC-20 token has afeature of fast block transaction processing speed, which could be utilized asanother source of payments over fiat currency and credit cards. It has thepotential to substitute other pre-existing value reserving mediums, such ason/offline e-commerce pay, point, mileage, gift cards, prepaid cards, etc. Byinterconnecting and verifying the network between the main blockchain networkand the private chain network, CFC excels in maintaining cutting-edgetechnology and security, easy for implementation while mutually transferringthe values from one service to another.
3. Importance of CFCplatform
Major cryptocurrenciessuch as Bitcoin (BTC) AND Ethereum(ETH) have high security due to theirtechnological features. However, as the user pool expands, the valuetransferring speed, transaction speeds, drops drastically, turning out to be anobstacle to be fully introduced to other on/offline services as a source ofpayment. To overcome, it is fatal to develop a separate private blockchainnetwork technology; the separate private blockchain is linked to the network ofmajor cryptocurrencies and boosts up the block transaction speed whilemaintaining high security.
4. Blockchaintechnology
CFC platform adopts thethree-way system to interconnect the service gateway, CFC-PBCN (PrivateBlockchain Network), CFC-MBCN (Main Blockchain Network) through the CFC platformand CFC wallet.
CFC wallet providescryptographic technology while allowing and processing the payments with fees,reward points, mileage, coupons, etc., which creates a cycle of zero fees orGAS while using the blockchain network. By downloading a CFC walletapplication, the user will be free from paying user fees, which are alsoapplied to other interconnected CFC global services.
The payment gatewayuses Ethereum Plasma blockchain technology. By doing so, CFC could be redeemedwith other converted rewards points, mileage, coupons, etc. It freshly updatesthe market currency information by developing CFC-PBCN, which could be launchedon the services immediately. Soon, cryptocurrency-based payment will be adoptedactively by others for use.
CFCSmart Terminal (CFC-SMT) will be introduced and integrated into other POSsolutions, bank devices. Also, throughout partnerships, it operates on an OSsystem on membership devices for operation and maintenance. All thedescriptions above are for the market expansion of indirect-value payments andthe global payment network.