[NEW LISTING] DC COIN (DC)/ 2021.06.17(THU) at 17:00 UTC
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DC COIN (DC) is scheduled to be listed on coinUtop.


[ New Coin Listing ]

■ LISTING SCHEDULE : 202.06.17 (THU) at 17:00 (UTC) / 2021.06.18(FRI) at 02:00 in KST



※ Precautions ※

- Certain virtual assets may have the same naming but issued by different issuers. Make sure to check the Coin name and the issuer when using Coin deposit and withdrawal services.
(When you enter incorrect information, losses may occur and cannot be restored.)

 - Transactions will not proceed when the Contract address doesn’t match, even you enter the matching name of the virtual assets. 

 - TENNTEN World does not provide any assistance on issues resulted from entering the wrong address.


DC Coin is an advanced decentralized blockchain token network that is operated based on a unique smart contract promotion system. DC Coin can solve multiple issues with current promotion systems. Among all, DC Coin platform offers the most competitive marketing ecosystem. For instance, when a company newly joins DC Coin Alliance, it can launch a marketing promotion to the users of DC Coin. By all connecting Alliance’s merchants, services, and DC Coin’s blockchain network, companies joined for the alliance can build a new, global marketing system to challenge the status quo.

DC Coin may offer several alliance programs to enterprises, so they can promote their brands, merchants, services within the ecosystem by launching marketing promotions. As more enterprises join the platform, DC Coin will be equipped with stronger influencing power.

DC Coin Alliance will be organized as a decentralized force. The size and business field of the company is not a matter of consideration to become a member of the Alliance. Prospective partners with potentials are encouraged to join the alliance regardless of their sizes and fields. The most important factor is the company's ability to clarify what the company wants to promote, the cost of promotion, and the benefits they want to provide to the consumers.