[NEW LISTING] EOS(EOS) / 2021. 03. 29(MON) PM 19:00(UTC)
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EOS(EOS) is scheduled to be listed on TENNTEN World.

[New Coin Listing] 

■ LISTING SCHEDULE: 2021.03.29 (MON) at 19:00 (UTC) / 2021.03.30 (TUE) at 4:00 in KST

※ Precautions ※

- Certain virtual assets may have the same coin symbol but have different issuers. Make sure whether you enter the correct cryptocurrency before proceeding with cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal services.
(In cases of entering the wrong information, losses may occur and cannot be restored.)
 - Transactions will not proceed when the contract address doesn’t match, even you enter the correct virtual assets name.  
 - TENNTEN World does not provide any assistance on issues resulting from entering the wrong cryptocurrency address.
▶ Coin Information

EOS is a blockchain platform that is designed to enable decentralized applications to have vertical/horizontal extensions. The blockchain network uses hundreds of CPU core or clusters to provide the services of accounts, authentication, databases, synchronous communication, and application scheduling. By doing so, EOS can handle millions of transactions per second, and create fee-free, convenient, and efficient architecture technology.
EOS adopts the system of 'Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS)'. EOS elects a block producer by operating an on-going voting system among the token holders. Anyone in the network can be a block producer. The chance to produce a block is based on the number of votings the producer has got from the other producers. The representatives of the network get rewards by validating the transaction and consenting to the network.
EOS supports fast transactions. Users of the blockchain don't have to pay additional fees to use the network. Certain platforms' cryptocurrencies may be required to pay fees on every transaction, however, the EOS-based cryptocurrencies don't have to pay fees when using the EOS network. However, to do so, the Dapp provider has to hold EOS to proceed with the transactions.
EOS launched its Mainnet in 2018.06.14 and successfully announced its independent blockchain platform.