[EVENT] [4th Promotion] GAME Airdrop on User Referral Event!
Hello, we are coinUtop,the premium private crypto exchange.

The previous event of 300 GAME Coins Airdrop on everytotal transactionamount of 1,000USDT (either buy/sell, calculated based daily)has ended. 
Instead, now the users can collect 100GAME Coins onevery total transaction amount of 1,000USDT (either buy/sell,calculated baseddaily).
* Users with a total daily transactionamount on every1,000USDT (either buy/sell) will get 100 GAME coins.
- Event Amount: 100 GAME on every1,000USDT (eitherbuy/sell, calculated based daily)
- Effective Date: From 2020.12.30(WED)00:00 UTC
* 2020.12.30(WED) 09:00 in KST
* Airdrop will be distributed from2020.12.31(THU),100 GAME Coins on every total transaction amount of 1,000USDT
* Please join the event with enthusiasm,and pleasecheck the details below for more information


[Event Description]
1. Event Title: Game Coindistribution promotion for coinUtop users

  1. Event Crypto: GAME, TOP, CIEL, BTC, ETH, XRP, USDB
  2.  * The promotion will be applied automaticallyon both the USDT and KRT and BTC market   
  3. Event Conditions: Forevery accumulated total transaction amount of 1,000 USDT of cryptos listedabove, users will get 100 GAME
    * Calculation of totalaccumulated transaction amount= total trading volumeof crypto (buy/sell)converted in USDT
    * Cryptos listed on 'EventCrypto' areeligible for the event promotion
    [Event Period]
    1. 202012.30(WED) ~ 2021.06.30(WED) at24:00 (UTC)
    * Event will be closed in2021.06.30(WED) at 09:00 in KST
    [GAME Coin Distribution Condition]
    1. For every accumulated transactionamount of 1,000 USDT of cryptos listed above, users will get 100 GAME
    Daily transaction amount less than1,000 USDT: Notapplicable to claim GAME

    Daily transaction amount between 1,000 ~2,000 USDT:Users will get 100 GAME 

    Daily trading volume between 1,000 ~2,000 USDT: Userswill get 200 GAME 
    [GAME Distribution Calculation] 

1. The calculation is based on the 24HR trading volume ofcertain cryptos occurring between 00:00 ~ 24:00 UTC (09:00 ~ 09:00 of the nextday in KST)
[GAME Distribution Time]
1. At 06:00 UTC, the following day of GAME airdropamount calculation
* 15:00 in KST
[Event Notice]
1. Create Game Coin Wallet beforeParticipate in theevent 

2. Due to business circumstances, earlytermination ofevents would occur

3. Due to the company's internalpolicies, Airdropconditions, and schedule could change

4. Users can check the event prize(GAME) distributionhistory at Investment Status> Order History 


Act now and do not miss the greatopportunity! 
coinUtop will devote its best toprovide a betteruser environment.
Thank you.