[NEW LISTING] ISIS21(ISI)/ 2020.11.08 (SUN), 6:00PM (UTC)
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ISIS21(ISI) is scheduled to be listedon TENNTEN WORLD.

■ LISTING SCHEDULE: 2020.11.08 (SUN), 6:00PM (UTC)
■ HOMEPAGE: http://
- Although certain coins have same naming, thecoins are issued by different publishers, therefore are differentcoins. Make sure to confirm the coin name with the publisher when youdeposit and withdraw your coin. 
(When you enter incorrect transfer information,losses may occur and cannot be restored.)
- If the contract address is different, transactionmay not occur regardless entering the same coin name.- TENNTEN World do not provide any assistance onissues resulted from entering the wrong address. 
Purposeof Issuing ISI
ISIplatform supports the users to purchase or use products/services on fashion,entertainment, travel, leisure, etc., with no hidden additional cost or fees.In worldwide, there are categories of unsupported services due to legalcompliance or jurisdiction issues. As a result, the customers are loaded withfinancial burdens, such as paying exchange rate differences and fees, to useservices. Implementation of ISIS21 would dissolve the issues by providing lowerfees.
Featureof ISI Ecosystem
ISIis allowed to be purchased or traded either directly from the token issuer orselected crypto exchanges. ISI project ultimately aims to support the users toutilize the token in the actual financial market via building partnerships withother entrepreneurs or p2p trading. Rather than simply functioning as fiatmoney, ISI devotes to increase user convenience. ISI will be utilized ontravel, leisure, fashion, entertainment, etc., substituting the traditionalrole of fiat money and will be implemented on an online shopping mall platformto expand its usage. ISI is an ERC-20 token, which ultimately aims to build asolid business network.
[Informationprovider: ISIS21 issuer]