• How do I Sign Up?

    1.Click the ‘Sign Up’ button located in the top right corner.
    2. Enter an e-mail, which will be used as a user account.
    3. Enter a password for login.
    4 Select a country code, enter a mobile number, and click [Send SMS].
    – Enter 6digit verification number correctly into the verification box.
    5. Read and consent to [Terms of Use], and click the [Sign In] button.
    6. A confirmation email will be sent to your email. Open the email and click [Confirm] to complete the sign-up process.

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  • Is there an age restriction?

    You must be over 17 to create an account with coinUtop.

  • Can I create a corporate account?

    You can´t sign up as a corporate user. Please sign up as an individual user.

  • I can´t sign up. (I can´t click the ´sign up´ button).

    ※Please make sure whether you fulfill the following conditions correctly: 

    Please check below.

    - Enter an email correctly.
    - Enter and confirm a password correctly.
    - Select a country code for mobile verification correctly.
    - Enter the verification code correctly.
    - Consent to [Terms of Use].
    - Click the ‘I am not a robot´ checkbox. 

  • Can I create multiple user accounts with the same mobile number?

    You can´t create multiple user accounts with a single mobile number.

  • I don´t receive any user verification emails.

    If you don´t receive a verification email, please check the following conditions:

    - Make sure you are checking the mailbox of an email address entered for sign-up to use our services. 
    - Check the ´Spam´ mailbox.
    - The process may get delayed due to an email service provider. 
    - The sent email is valid for 30 minutes to complete the user verification.

  • How do I delete my user account?

    1. Go to ´My Page> Edit User Profile´ and click to request ´account delete´, or. [Click Here].
    2. Read all the precautions before deleting the user account.
    3. Submit the documents required for the account delete.

    [How to proceed with the account delete]

    - You have to empty all the balances before deleting your user account.
    - You have to close or cancel your order before deleting your user account. (Please check all the order status.)
    - You have to complete or cancel any transaction before deleting your user account. (Please use ‘1:1 Inquiry’ for the related services.)

  • Can I recreate a user account?

    You can use the same mobile number to create a new user account; you can´t use the same email.

  • Can I update the email address under the user account?

    You can´t update the email address used for the signup.
    Please use ´1:1 Inquiry´ if you can´t log in with the registered email address. [1:1 inquiry]

  • What is ´security verification´?

    You can increase the withdrawal limit by completing the additional security verifications.
    Additional certifications allow you to trade safely and conveniently.

    ▶ View More / withdrawal limit

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